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Microneedling with RF

Microneedling is a non surgical procedure where numerous minimally invasive, sterile, micro-needles are used to precisely penetrate the skin at varying depths. This penetration of the skin stimulates healing of the skin with new collagen and elastin formation. As a result when the skin heals it is thicker, firmer and healthier appearing. When Radio Frequency is added to the  microneedling device, RF energy is deposited into the skin to further tighten and stimulate healing of the skin. This combination of needle penetration and heat delivery is unique to the non invasive market. In Dr. Fakhre's opinion, this is the single best skin rejuvenation modality available today. 

The microneedling device is able to precisely adjust the depth of the needle penetration to tailor the treatments to different parts of the body. Furthermore insulation of the needles allows energy to be deposited into the deeper layers of the skin, limiting the risks of skin burns and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. As such microneedling may be used safely on all skin types. This is a key difference when compared to other treatments such as cosmetic lasers or IPL therapy.

Reasons for Considering Microneedling with Radio Frequency in Tampa:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Stretch marks.
  • Acne scars.
  • Sun damage.
  • Excessive sweating or hyperhydrosis.
  • Festoons

The Microneedling with RF Treatment

Prior to treatment the skin is cleaned and prepped. Patients use a topical numbing cream for 45 minutes to one hour prior to the procedure to minimize discomfort. We also utilize a cryo cooling device during the procedure for further patient comfort. The microneedling tips are sterile and one-time use.

The treatment time varies based on the areas to be treated, but typically takes about 30 minutes to perform. To achieve the best results, we recommend a series of 3 sessions spaced one month apart. Results begin to appear after the second treatment, with final results appearing 3 months after the last treatment. The more treatments you have, the more improvement you will see. After the 3 sessions are completed, we recommend a single treatment each year to maintain the results.

The procedure is well tolerated; however mild discomfort can be expected with some patients feeling pressure and heat on the areas treated. Following the procedure, a moisturizer will be applied. All patients will receive pre and post procedure instructions. 

Contraindications for Microneedling with Radio Frequency:
  • Pregnancy or planning pregnancy
  • Pacemaker or other implanted device or underlying implant
  • History of keloids or abnormal scarring
  • Recent surgery, laser or chemical peel to desired treatment area
  • Metal allergy (nickel, chromium, gold)
  • Currently receiving cancer treatment

Recovery following Microneedling with RF Treatments

This procedure has very little downtime. Most patients can expect to have redness and slight swelling the day of the procedure, which resolves within a few days. This is best likened to a mild sun burn. There is also often a feeling of tightness of the treatment area for the first day or two.

Occasionally the areas may form tiny scabs and we instruct patients to let them shed naturally. Proper sun avoidance and protection is very important following treatment. Normal skin care and makeup use can be resumed the day following treatment, with anti-aging creams restarted after 3 days.

To find out if you would be a good candidate for Microneedling with Radio Frequency in Tampa and Wesley Chapel, Florida, schedule your complimentary consultation at New Tampa Plastic Surgery, 813-PLASTIC (752-7842).


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