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Tampa Nipple Surgery

Nipple surgery is a specific subset of breast surgery that addresses the nipples and/or areolas. Although nipple surgery is often combined with breast augmentation or breast lift surgery, it may be performed alone. There are several nipple surgery procedures that we performed at New Tampa Plastic Surgery. Nipple reduction, areolar reduction and correction of inverted nipples are all different types of nipple surgery procedures that we offer. 

Nipple reduction surgery or areolar reduction surgery is a breast enhancement procedure which specifically reduces the size of the nipple areolar complex. This complex is made up of the nipple itself and the areola which is the pigmented, darker area surrounding the nipple. Often times because of genetics, increasing age, pregnancy and breast feeding, the nipple or areola or both can appear disproportionately large on the breast. As a result, the overall aesthetic appeal of the breast is reduced. As a result, the nipples, areolas or both may be reduced to correct this appearance.

When patients have inverted nipples, surgery may be performed to correct the nipple inversion. Patients may be born with inverted nipples or this may develop with time or following surgery. At New Tampa Plastic Surgery, we offer several techniques for the reduction of the nipple and areola as well as surgery to correct inverted nipples. During your consultation, Dr. Fakhre will explain to you which technique will best achieve the result you desire.

Reasons for Considering the Correction of Inverted Nipples or Areolar or Nipple Reduction in Tampa:

  • Areolas that are too large and out of proportion to the breasts
  • Asymmetry between the right and left nipples
  • Irregularity or stretch of the areolas following previous breast surgery
  • Nipples that are inverted or retracted and do not protrude

The Nipple Surgery Procedure

Nipple or areolar reduction surgery may be performed under local or general anesthesia, depending on the degree of the abnormality. The procedure involves direct excision of the excess pigmented areola with care taken to achieve symmetry between both breasts. In most cases, areolar reduction may be performed with an incision which surrounds the nipple. Additional techniques may be used to minimize recurrence or future spread of the areola.

When the nipple itself is reduced, several techniques are available. Depending on whether the nipples are too wide, too projecting or both, Dr. Fakhre will select the technique that best corrects the undesirable appearance of the nipple.

In cases where the nipples are inverted or do not protrude, Dr. Fakhre is able to utilize a surgical technique that restores nipple projection. Incisions for this procedure are very well hidden.

Often times these procedures are performed in conjunction with a breast lift, where the breasts are sagging, or a breast augmentation, where additional volume is needed. The operation typically lasts about one hour, but may be longer if combined with another breast procedure. Nipple surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure, with patients returning home later that day.

Recovery following Nipple Surgery

When performed alone, the recovery following nipple or areolar reduction as well as that following surgery to correct nipple inversion, is quite well tolerated. Of course, as with all procedures, rest and limited activity is recommended to achieve an optimal outcome. After surgery Dr. Fakhre will use special bandages in order to keep the nipples and areolas in the proper positions. Following the removal of these bandages, a supportive sports bra should be worn. 

The pain following nipple surgery is very manageable and controlled with oral pain medications. Complications following this procedure are unusual but can occur. You will be given Dr. Fakhre's postoperative instructions and carefully following these will help reduce the risk of problems.

To find out if you'd  be a good candidate for areolar or nipple reduction surgery or for surgery to correct inverted nipples in Tampa and Wesley Chapel, Florida, schedule your complimentary consultation with  Dr. Fakhre, your Tampa and Wesley Chapel Plastic  Surgeon, at 813-PLASTIC (752-7842).

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