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Tampa Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery is also known as reduction mammaplasty. Breast reduction is performed in patients with macromastia or enlarged breasts in order to reduce the size of the breasts. Patients with macromastia may or may not have symptoms. Common symptoms include neck or back pain, difficulty exercising, shoulder bra strap grooving, intertrigo or a rash on the undersurface of the breasts. In addition to the physical component, patients are frequently emotionally hampered by the size of their breasts and are often insecure about their appearance.

Breast reduction therefore reduces the size of the breasts as well as lifts the nipples to a more youthful and desirable position. As a result, symptomatic patients will often have significant improvement or complete resolution of their symptoms. Equally important is the enhancement of the breast shape and contour. This can greatly improve a patient's self esteem and body image.

Reasons for Considering a Breast Reduction in Tampa:

  • Pain in the neck, back or shoulder area
  • Chronic or persistent rashes as well as pain from bra straps
  • Significant ptosis or sagging of the breasts due to their large size
  • Poorly proportioned body frame because of overly enlarged breasts.
  • Limitations in exercise and daily activities given the excess weight and size of the breasts.

The Breast Reduction Procedure

There are several techniques that Dr. Fakhre performs for breast reduction. The most common technique is a Wise pattern or Anchor incision type of breast reduction. Here excess breast and fatty tissue as well as skin are removed. Special sutures are then used to resuspend the nipple and areola to a higher, more youthful position. The incisions required to perform this type of breast reduction include incisions around the areola, extending down from the areola to the breast fold, and running along the breast crease.

Another common breast reduction technique that does not utilize the incision along the breast crease may be an option in select patients. Breast reduction surgery is associated with a very high rate of patient satisfaction given the significant improvement in the appearance and weight of the breasts. Breast reduction surgery typically takes between three to five hours to complete and is generally performed in an outpatient setting.

Recovery following Breast Reduction

After surgery you should plan for about a week of downtime and rest. Your breasts will be wrapped with a special bandage immediately after surgery. Dr. Fakhre will remove this bandage in clinic and you will be allowed to wear a supportive sports bra. Dr. Fakhre will ask you to wear this bra for about four weeks.

Pain following breast reduction is often well controlled with oral pain medications. You will be given Dr. Fakhre's comprehensive postoperative instruction sheet following your surgery. By carefully reading and following these instructions you will help prevent any postoperative complications.

To find out if you'd be a good candidate for breast reduction surgery in Tampa and Wesley Chapel, Florida, schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Fakhre, your Tampa and Wesley Chapel Plastic Surgeon, at 813-PLASTIC (752-7842).

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