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Tampa Arm Lift Surgery (Brachioplasty)

Arm lift surgery or brachioplasty is a procedure designed to remove excess skin and fatty tissue from the arms. Changes in weight, genetic predisposition and increasing age all contribute to unsightly excess sagging skin and fatty deposits on the arms. In mild cases, liposuction may be sufficient to improve the contour of the arms. However in cases where lax and redundant skin is also present, an arm lift will be necessary to remove the excess skin, which would otherwise be worsened with liposuction alone.

There are several different types of brachioplasty procedures which are performed at New Tampa Plastic Surgery. These are the minimal incision or mini brachioplasty, traditional brachioplasty and the extended brachioplasty. Each procedure is different and best suited for a specific arm type. During your consultation with Dr. Fakhre, he will examine your arms and determine which type of arm lift best suits you.

Reasons for Considering a Brachioplasty or Arm Lift in Tampa:

  • Improve the shape and contour of the arms
  • Remove redundant and deflated skin present following massive weight loss
  • Correct excess sagging skin and fatty tissue which have developed over time

The Arm Lift Procedure
The type of arm lift selected depends on the location and extent of the fatty deposits and sagging skin. In patients with a mild trouble spot of fat and skin of the upper arms, a minimal incision brachioplasty or mini arm lift is best suited. Here an incision is made in the arm pit and the excess skin and fatty tissue is excised and the residual skin if lifted to a higher position, tightening and improving the contour of the arm. The skin is closed with absorbable sutures.
In patients who have redundant skin and fat along the entire length of the arm, a standard brachioplasty or traditional arm lift is recommended. Here an incision is made along the length of the inside of the arm from the elbow to the arm pit. The excess skin and fat can be removed and the residual skin is reapproximated tightening and contouring the arm. The incision is closed with absorbable sutures.
An extended brachioplasty is selected for patients who have redundant tissue extending down to the outer, upper chest, in addition to the excess on the arms. With an extended arm lift, the incision is carried down to remove this excess tissue. This procedure helps improve these troublesome rolls that can be present along the lateral chest. Once the tissue is excised, the incisions are closed with absorbable sutures. Occasionally, liposuction may be combined with a brachioplasty to better contour the arm.
Arm lift surgery may take anywhere from two to three hours, depending on the specific procedure performed. Dr. Fakhre will help determine which arm lift procedure is best suited for you. Brachioplasty surgery is typically performed under general anesthesia and patients are usually discharged home later that day. Drains may be placed following an arm lift and are typically removed several days after the procedure.
Recovery following Brachioplasty
The amount of downtime required following brachioplasty depends on which arm lift procedure is performed. All patients should plan for rest and time off work following surgery. The early postoperative course can be cumbersome as your arms will be sore and wrapped in a special bandage. It is wise to have a loved one or friend available to help you.
The compression bandages placed by Dr. Fakhre will help minimize postoperative swelling. Patient's should avoid strenuous activity and heavy lifting for approximately one month after surgery. This as well as carefully following Dr. Fakhre's instructions will help reduce the risk of complications. Pain following arm lift surgery is usually well controlled with oral pain medications. 

To find out if you'd be a good candidate for an arm lift or brachioplasty in Tampa and Wesley Chapel, Florida, schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Fakhre, your Tampa and Wesley Chapel Plastic Surgeon, at 813-PLASTIC (752-7842).

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