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Tampa Lip Surgery (Cheiloplasty)

Lip enhancement surgery or cheiloplasty, is a procedure which serves to enhance the shape, volume or contour of the lips. The lips are undoubtedly considered to be an important element of facial beauty. They are a focal point of attraction and have been associated with a youthful appearance. Ideal lip dimensions are well described. The upper lip should be a third to a half of the width of the lower lip and should project one to two mm beyond the lower lip.

Genetics, smoking, sun damage, and aging cause many undesirable changes in the lips. These include thinning and flattening of the lips, lengthening of the upper lip, dampening of the white roll (which causes lipstick bleed), development of wrinkles and a loss of cupid's bow.  Lip surgery serves to correct these changes. The techniques used to correct these changes include lip augmentation with the Perma Facial Implant, lip lift surgery or both, depending on the underlying abnormality. In certain situations lip reduction surgery may be performed in patients whose lips are too large and out of proportion to their facial features.

Reasons for Considering Cheiloplasty or Lip Enhancement Surgery in Tampa:

  • Lips which are flat, thin and deflated, lacking a full and attractive look
  • Lips which have aged and lengthened with time and have lost their youthful appearance
  • Overly large and prominent lips, which are out of proportion to the patient's facial features
  • Patients who are happy with the volume and improvement achieved with fillers but no longer desire the cost and downtime of repeat treatments 

The Lip Enhancement Procedure

The technique selected for lip enhancement depends on the feature that we are attempting to correct. In patients who have deflated and thin lips, the Perma Facial Implant procedure is best suited. Here Dr. Fakhre will select appropriately sized implants for your upper and/or lower lips. The procedure involves small incisions which are made inside the corners of the mouth. A pocket is dissected for implant placement and the implant is placed and the incisions closed. This procedure takes about an hour and is performed as an outpatient procedure, usually in our office.

In patients with an aged and overly lengthened upper lip, the lip lift surgery is the procedure of choice. Here an incision is made at the base of the nose and the excess length is excised. The upper lip is then resuspended using special sutures and the incision is closed placing the scar in an almost completely hidden position. This procedure also takes just about an hour and may also be performed in our office. Occasionally the lip lift may be performed in conjunction with lip implant placement or other procedures.

Lip reduction surgery is performed in patients who have overly large and prominent lips. In this procedure an incision is made on the inside of the upper or lower lip and the excess tissue is excised. The amount of tissue removed depends on the extent of the reduction required. The wound is then closed with absorbable sutures. This procedure also usually takes about one hour and is performed on an outpatient basis.

Recovery following Lip Surgery

Lip surgery is generally very well tolerated. The lips are very vascular and as a result are prone to significant swelling after surgery. This swelling usually resolves fairly quickly with rest and elevation. Cold compresses will also greatly help the degree of swelling present. 

Different patients will experience varying degrees of pain after lip surgery. This pain is generally well controlled with oral medications. Complications after lip surgery are uncommon and may be further reduced by following Dr. Fakhre's post-operative instructions.

To find out if you'd be a good candidate for lip enhancement surgery or cheiloplasty in Tampa and Wesley Chapel, Florida, schedule  your complimentary consultation with  Dr. Fakhre, your Tampa and Wesley Chapel Plastic Surgeon, at 813-PLASTIC (752-7842).

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