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Tampa Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

Ear pinning surgery or otoplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure that serves to correct overly protruding or prominent ears. Patients who have overly enlarged and protruding ears often complain of significant teasing throughout childhood. This can lead to insecurity issues and a lack of self confidence. As a result it is generally advantageous to perform otoplasty or ear surgery in children before the age of seven, as this is when teasing usually begins. Even though most otoplasty cases are performed during childhood, many older patients who never had surgery will ultimately undergo correction in adulthood.

Ear surgery may also involve the repair of traumatic tears caused by ear rings. Patients who have worn heavy ear rings for years, or who have sustained traumatic pulls to their ear rings may frequently develop enlargement of their piercing sites and sometimes complete tears of their ear lobes. In these patients special techniques may be used to repair the piercing sites and tears of the earlobes. In patients who have intentionally widened the earlobes with gauged stretching are also candidates for earlobe repair. The repair of gauged earlobe is more involved than that of a routine earlobe repair.

The final procedure offered is the earlobe reduction where overly enlarged earlobes may be surgically reduced in size so that they are more proportional with the remainder of the face. In this procedure the incisions are generally very well hidden.

At New Tampa Plastic Surgery, we offer a variety of ear surgery procedures. During your consultation with Dr. Fakhre, he will examine your ears and let you know which procedure is right for you.

Reasons for Considering an Otoplasty or Ear Surgery in Tampa:

  • Correct ears that stick out too far
  • Reduce overly enlarged ear lobes
  • Improve facial proportions by setting or pinning back the ears
  • Repair piercing sites that have widened because of time or trauma
  • Remove the source of teasing before it affects a child's confidence

The Otoplasty Procedure

Ear surgery may be performed under local or general anesthesia, depending on the age of the patient and the specific type of procedure being performed. In all cases ear surgery procedures are performed on an outpatient basis with the patient returning home later that day. Ear surgery can usually be performed in one to two hours.

In cases where a prominent or protruding ear requires reduction, incisions are placed behind the ear and special sutures are used to pull the ears closer to the scalp. In certain situations a portion of the cartilage from the ear may be removed. The surgery to repair a widened piercing site, involves removing the skin associated with the enlarged piercing and carefully suturing the tissue together to close the opening. Finally the earlobe reduction procedure requires surgical excision of a portion of the earlobe so that it may be reduced.

There are various surgical techniques used in ear surgery to correct the abnormalities above. These techniques can be discussed with Dr. Fakhre during your initial consultation.

Recovery following Ear Surgery

Ear surgery procedures are generally very well tolerated. In patients where protruding ears were corrected, it is important to wear a protective head band that will keep the ears held in place to minimize the risk of disrupting the repair. When performed in children it is wise to plan the repair when children are out of school in order to reduce the risk of other children disrupting the repair.

Pain after otoplasty is usually very well controlled with oral pain medications. Complications following ear surgery are rare and can be further minimized by carefully following Dr. Fakhre's postoperative instructions. 

To find out if you'd be a good candidate for ear surgery or otoplasty in Tampa and Wesley Chapel, Florida, Schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Fakhre, your Tampa and Wesley Chapel Plastic Surgeon, at 813-PLASTIC (752-7842).

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