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Tampa Revision Breast Surgery

Breast revision surgery, also known as revision mammoplasty or redo breast surgery, is a procedure which improves upon or corrects the results of previous cosmetic or reconstructive breast surgery. This technically advanced subset of breast surgery requires careful analysis of each individual patient and problem. Often times more than one technique is used to correct the underlying abnormality.

At New Tampa Plastic Surgery we offer a variety of revision breast surgery procedures to correct the problems of previous breast surgery. When breast implants are already in place, the redo breast surgery would generally include a breast implant exchange.  This would involve removing the old implants and placing new, often times better suited implants. Occasionally a capsulectomy is also required when capsular contracture or hardening of the breasts has occurred. This would involve removing the hardened implant capsules as well. Breast implant exchange or removal without exchange is also needed when there is a rupture or leak in the breast implants. This includes cases where the implants are actively leaking or have completely deflated.

When implant positioning problems have occurred, Dr. Fakhre is able to address these with special suturing techniques to revise the implant pockets and improve how the implants sit on the chest, particularly when the patient is laying down. Revision breast surgeries also include cases where no implants have been placed, for example following a breast lift. Whatever the case, during your consultation with Dr. Fakhre, he will examine you and discuss the best options available to help improve the appearance of your breasts.

Reasons for Considering Revision Breast Surgery in Tampa:

  • Capsular contracture
  • Significant asymmetry between breasts
  • Implant rupture, rippling, leak or deflation
  • Symmastia or positioning of breasts too close to midline
  • Excess lateralization of breasts where breasts overly fall to the side

The Breast Revision Procedure

The complexity of revision or redo breast surgery depends on the degree of the underlying deformity. Typically these procedures are more involved than primary breast surgery and a thoughtful operative approach is necessary to achieve a successful outcome.

Surgery may involve a combination of techniques including the exchange of implants for different, better suited implants, removal or modification of the hardened  implant capsule, repositioning of the implants, use of acellular dermal matrix grafts or fat grafting to improve the breast contour. The operative times for breast revision surgery can vary significantly between individual cases.

Recovery from Revision Breast Surgery

The recovery time needed revision breast surgery depends on the extent of the revision surgery performed. The downtime may be as short as a weekend, but in most cases shouldn't be longer than a week. Like with primary breast surgery, limited activity and lots of rest is needed.  A special dressing and breast wrap will be placed by Dr. Fakhre following your procedure. This will serve to maintain the breasts position while placing pressure on the breasts to minimize swelling.  

The amount of pain experienced following revision breast surgery depends on the amount of revision work performed. Surprisingly the procedure is often better tolerated  than primary breast surgery. Dr. Fakhre will prescribe oral pain medications to take after surgery. Complications are rare, but may occur and following your postoperative instructions will help greatly reduce this risk.

To find out if you'd be a good candidate for breast revision surgery or revision mammaplasty in Tampa and Wesley Chapel, Florida, schedule your complimentary consultation with  Dr. Fakhre, your Tampa and Wesley Chapel Plastic Surgeon, at 813-PLASTIC (752-7842).

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