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Patients often have many questions when considering Plastic Surgery in Tampa and Wesley Chapel, Florida. We have added some questions patients frequently ask us here at New Tampa Plastic Surgery.  We will continue to update this and add questions as they come up. If there are questions not listed here that you would like answered, or if you would like to schedule an appointment, please feel free to contact us at 813-PLASTIC (752-7842). We would love to hear from you!

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In the hands of a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon like Dr. Fakhre, the risks of cosmetic plastic surgery are very low. Every surgery is associated with risk, however Dr. Fakhre and our entire team here at New Tampa Plastic Surgery are committed to delivering safe procedures with beautiful results. 

In addition to sound surgical technique, patient selection is important to ensuring good outcomes. Dr. Fakhre will review patient's medical history and medications prior to performing surgery. In certain cases patients will require blood work and medical clearance from their primary care physician. 

As a rule patients must quit smoking at least four weeks prior to surgery.  It is also important for patients to read and follow our pre and postoperative instructions to further help reduce risk. Working together we are able to minimize the risks associated with plastic surgery procedures so we can make this a wonderful experience for our patients!

In Dr. Fakhre's opinion there are several important factors which help determine whether plastic surgery is a good option for a given patient. 

The first is whether the area that bothers a patient can be improved with something other than surgery. Small breasts, sagging skin and a large nose are just a few of the many things that cannot be improved with diet and exercise or with non-surgical options. 

The second factor is whether your prospective surgeon feels the area in question may be safely and effectively addressed with cosmetic surgery. During your consultation with Dr. Fakhre, our Plastic Surgeon in Tampa and Wesley Chapel, Florida, he will give you an honest and realistic opinion of whether you would be a good candidate for plastic surgery. 

The final important factor is whether the patient is in good health. Healthy patients are at a significantly lower risk for surgery than patients who have medical problems. 

In your visit with Dr. Fakhre it is important to verbalize your goals and have realistic expectations. Plastic surgery is not only a science, but is also an art, and neither of these is perfect. After meeting with Dr. Fakhre and hearing his recommendations, patients will have a very good understanding of whether plastic surgery would be right for them. 

Yes indeed! It is common for Plastic Surgeons in Tampa to perform more than one surgical procedure during an operation. This is beneficial for several reasons. Firstly there are significant savings in costs for patients because anesthesia and surgical fees are discounted when multiple procedures are performed together. 

The second advantage of combining procedures is that patients only have to undergo one anesthetic, one surgery and one period of downtime and recovery. This is particularly helpful with patients who have demanding work schedules with a limited amount of time off. 

There are limitations to the number of procedures that can be performed and this is typically based on the total length of the surgery. The health of the patient is another important factor when deciding how many procedures to perform together. During your consultation with Dr. Fakhre, he will listen to your goals, personally examine you, and make recommendations as to how many procedures may be safely performed together.

In considering a patient's suitability for plastic surgery in Tampa or Wesley Chapel, Florida, a patient's physiologic age is more important than their chronological age. Meaning, there are patients who are in their seventies who are in excellent health and are physiologically younger than their numeric age would indicate. Patients who exercise and maintain a healthy diet are generally able to undergo cosmetic plastic surgery procedures with the same or lower risk profile than patients who are younger. During your visit with Dr. Fakhre, he will review your medical history and medications to help determine your suitability for surgery. In patients who are older than 50, or patients of any age with significant medical conditions, Dr. Fakhre will require a medical clearance for surgery from the patient's primary care doctor. This will include an EKG as well as lab tests for their doctor and our anesthesiologist to review. This process further reduces the risk of complications associated with surgery. Please contact us at 813-PLASTIC if you have any other questions about this.

First of all congratulations on considering Dr. Fakhre for your plastic surgery procedure. We believe Dr. Fakhre is one of the best plastic surgeons in Florida! He trained with some of the best plastic surgeons in the United States and we encourage you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Fakhre.

Several important things will happen during your visit with Dr. Fakhre. First and foremost, you will be able to personally meet Dr. Fakhre and discuss your goals for surgery. Next Dr. Fakhre himself will examine you and take measurements if necessary. This step is equally important as it will help Dr. Fakhre determine whether he is able to deliver your desired result. You will also have an opportunity to ask Dr. Fakhre any questions you may have about the surgery you are considering. 

Once Dr. Fakhre has completed the consultation, one of our patient coordinators will then present an exact quote showing the cost of your plastic surgery. This quote will include anesthesia fees, surgical facility fees, implant fees and follow up visits with Dr. Fakhre. Our patient care coordinators are also able to review Dr. Fakhre's surgical schedule to try and find a date that works for you. Please call us at 813-PLASTIC if you have any other questions about what to expect during your visit with Dr. Fakhre, or if you'd like to schedule a complimentary consultation with him!

The recovery times following plastic surgery vary according to the specific type of procedure performed, as well as what aspect of recovery is being planned. In terms of the immediate recovery period, patients undergoing general anesthesia for their cosmetic procedure, will need to have someone available with them for at least 24 hours after surgery. For larger procedures, patients should have someone stay with them for two to three days. The next period to consider is how long patients should take off work. In most cases, patients may return to work after five to seven days. However for smaller procedures this can be as short as three days and for larger surgeries as long as two weeks. This is of course under circumstances where no heavy lifting or strenuous activities are required at work. Dr. Fakhre will generally require four weeks or one month of no exercise or heavy lifting after cosmetic plastic surgery in Tampa. Swelling after surgery is generally worse at three to four days, and generally resolve over six weeks. Bruising that occurs after surgery typically resolves after two weeks. It is very important to follow Dr. Fakhre's postoperative instructions as this will help reduce this risk of complications and optimize your outcome. All scars are permanent, but with proper care, scars should fade nicely with time. Dr. Fakhre will take great lengths to place scars in areas that may be hidden. During your consultation at New Tampa Plastic Surgery, we will go over reasonable expectations for your recovery so patients may be fully prepared for their cosmetic surgery. 

Cosmetic plastic surgery procedures in Tampa, Florida are not covered by insurance companies. These procedures are not considered medically necessary and will be denied if submitted for insurance reimbursement. There are reconstructive plastic surgery procedures which can be covered by insurance companies. These include breast cancer reconstruction following mastectomy or facial reconstruction after trauma. Unfortunately insurance company reimbursement for reconstructive procedures can be so low, that many busy plastic surgeons will not accept health insurance, even for reconstructive surgeries. This is also the reason that New Tampa Plastic Surgery is no longer able to accept insurance for Dr. Fakhre to perform any surgical procedures.

The issue of breast implant safety has been a hot topic throughout the last few decades.  As a result, more stringent standards have emerged in order to protect patients.  Current available breast implants include both saline and silicone breast implants. Both implant types are FDA approved for cosmetic as well as reconstructive breast surgery.  In Dr. Fakhre's practice, the majority of his breast augmentation patients receive silicone cohesive gel implants.  These implants generally feel and look more natural than their saline counterparts and are associated with a lower incidence of rippling. Some possible complications from breast implant surgery include blood clotting or pooling, infection, overly sensitive breasts or loss of sensation in the breasts, and capsular contracture (a hardening of the tissues surrounding the implant).  Our expert team is dedicated to making your operation a smooth one.  We take every precaution necessary to reduce the possibility of any complications.

Smoking before and after surgery significantly increases the complication rate following plastic surgery procedures. This is because the nicotine in smoking causes vasonconstriction or narrowing of the blood vessels. This in turn reduces the blood flow to the wound increasing the risk of wound healing problems. It is important to know that because nicotine is the problem, patients must avoid all nicotine products including nicotine patches, nicotine gum and any vape devices which contain nicotine. To reduce the risk as much as possible, Dr. Fakhre recommends patients quit smoking at least four weeks prior to surgery.

Patients should wait six months after the cessation of breast feeding prior to undergoing cosmetic breast surgery. This allows for the hormonal stimulation of the breasts to subside and allow the breasts to return to their baseline form. Measuring and examining the breasts while still under hormonal influence is not recommended, as these will change as the hormones fade. In addition, the risk of complications from surgery, such as capsular contracture, are increased in patients who are or have recently stopped breast feeding. Having a six month buffer after stopping breast feeding is essential to reducing the above issues.

Unfortunately Dr. Fakhre will not be able to discuss all of your cosmetic goals at the time of your consultation. Dr. Fakhre's schedule is limited and since we do not charge for consultations, he will not have time to go over all of your aesthetic goals. Therefore, we kindly ask patients to let us know what their primary area of concern is, so that Dr. Fakhre can focus on this area during your visit.

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